Round Knob


Diameter: The diameter of the round knob typically ranges from 15mm to 40mm although sizes can very based on the specific trainer kit design and application requirements.

Material: Knobs are commonly constructed from durable materials such as high quality plastic or metal. The choice of material can impact the knob appearance, tactile feel and overall durability.


The Round knob is a compact circular control component designed to be mounted on the front panel of electronic trainer kits and other devices. It is a tactile interface that enables users to make precise adjustment to various parameters within electronic circuit. The outer surface of the knob often features textured or grooved patterns providing an ergonomic grip for comfortable manipulation.

  • Parameter Adjustment: Knobs are used to adjust various parameter like resistance, voltage, current and frequency within electronic circuits. This hands on interaction enhances the learning experience by allowing users to see real time changes in circuit behavior.
  • Voltage Control: Knobs can be employed to regulate voltage levels making them useful in exercises related to power supply circuits, amplifiers and voltage dividers.
  • Signal Gain Control: In amplifier circuit users can adjust the knob to control the gain of the amplifier and observe its impact on the output signals.
  • Frequency Tuning: For oscillator circuits the knob can be used to tune the frequency of the output signal making it valuable in radio and communication related exercises.