Crocodile Clips


  1. Colour - Red/Black/Blue/Green/Yellow
  2. Insulation - ABS
  3. Material - Iron Nickel Plated
  4. Current Capacity - 10A 


A crocodile clip, also known as an alligator clip, is a simple and versatile electrical tool used to temporarily connect or secure electrical wires, components, or test leads. It consists of a spring-loaded metal clip that resembles the jaws of a crocodile or an alligator, hence the name. These clips are commonly used in electronics, electrical testing, laboratory work, and various DIY applications.

Electrical Testing: You can use crocodile clips to connect multimeter test leads to various points in a circuit to measure voltage, current, or resistance.

Prototyping: In electronics projects, you might use crocodile clips to quickly connect and disconnect components on a breadboard or prototype board.

Signal Tracing: When troubleshooting a circuit, you can attach the clip to different points to track the flow of the signal or locate faulty components.

Temporary Connections: Crocodile clips are often used to hold wires together temporarily while soldering, splicing, or making other permanent connections.