4mm Double Point Plug


  • Size: The 4mm stackable plug has a standard diameter of 4mm, matching the size of standard banana plugs.
  • Connector Type: It typically consists of a cylindrical metal pin with a banana plug connection on one end and a receptacle or socket on the other end. The socket allows for the stacking of additional plugs.
  • Stackability: The stackable design allows multiple plugs to be connected together vertically, forming a stack of electrical connections.
  • Material: Stackable plugs are usually made of metal, such as brass or nickel-plated brass, for good conductivity, durability, and compatibility with standard banana jacks.


A 4mm stackable plug is a type of electrical connector designed to allow multiple plugs to be stacked or interconnected on top of one another. It is commonly used in electronics, electrical testing, and various applications that require the connection of multiple circuits or components.Breadboarding and Prototyping: They are commonly used in electronics prototyping and breadboarding projects where multiple connections need to be made simultaneously. Stackable plugs enable easy and convenient interconnection of circuits, components, and test points on a breadboard.

Test Equipment and Instrumentation: Stackable plugs are used in testing and measurement setups where multiple signals or test points need to be accessed simultaneously. They allow for the connection of multiple test leads or probes to instruments, such as oscilloscopes or multimeters.