4mm Shrouded Patch Cords


  •  Type - 4mm Insulated
  • Length - 300 to 1500mm or on request 
  • Plug - HD 
  • Pin - Nickel Plated Spring Loaded Brass 
  • Current Capacity - 10A 


4mm shrouded patch cords are specialized cables used for connecting electrical or electronic devices that feature 4mm shrouded sockets. These patch cords typically have a male 4mm shrouded banana plug on each end, allowing for secure and reliable connections. Here are some common uses and advantages of 4mm shrouded patch cords: Safety and Insulation: The shrouded design of these patch cords provides insulation and protection against accidental contact with live electrical parts. The shroud covers the exposed metal parts of the banana plug, reducing the risk of electrical shocks or short circuits. This feature enhances safety during testing or experimentation.Test Equipment and Instrumentation: It is commonly used in laboratory environments, test equipment, or electronics workshops. The shrouded design provides increased safety by preventing accidental contact with live electrical connections. It is suitable for connecting test leads, probes, or instruments such as multimeters or oscilloscopes.

Circuit Assembly and Troubleshooting: Shrouded patch cords are useful for circuit assembly, modifications, or troubleshooting. The shroud helps prevent accidental short circuits or contact with adjacent components, ensuring safe and accurate testing or debugging.