4mm Double Point Patch Cord


  •  Type - 4mm Stackable
  •  Length - 300 to 1500mm or on request
  •  Plug - ABS Plastic
  •  Pin - Nickel Plated 
  •  Spring Loaded Brass 
  •  Current - 15Amps Max.
  •  Flexible and Rewireable


A 4mm stackable patch cord is a specialized type of banana patch cord designed to allow for stacking or cascading multiple connections in a single cable. It is commonly used in various electrical and electronic applications where multiple connections need to be made in a compact and organized manner. Here is a description and usage information for 4mm stackable patch cords: Breadboarding and Prototyping: It is commonly used in electronics prototyping and breadboarding projects where multiple connections need to be made simultaneously. The stackable plugs allow for easy and convenient interconnection of circuits, components, and test points on a breadboard or prototyping board. Test Equipment and Instrumentation: The stackable patch cords are ideal for testing and measurement setups where multiple signals or test points need to be accessed simultaneously. They allow for the connection of multiple test leads, probes, or instruments such as oscilloscopes or multimeters.