4mm Single Point Patch Cord


  • Type - 4mm Single Point
  • Length - 300 to 1500mm 
  •  or on request
  • Plug - ABS Plastic
  • Pin - Nickel Plated 
  •  Spring Loaded Brass 
  • Current - 15Amps Max. 
  • Flexible and Rewireable


A 4mm single point banana patch cord is an electrical cable with a single banana plug at each end, specifically designed for low-voltage applications where a reliable and secure connection is required. It is commonly used in laboratory setups, electronic testing, and other similar applications. Here is a description of a typical 4mm single point banana patch cord:4mm single point banana patch cords are commonly used in various electrical and electronic applications where a secure and reliable connection is required. Here are some typical use cases for 4mm single point banana patch cords:Laboratory and Testing Equipment: They are widely used in laboratory setups and testing environments for connecting instruments, devices, and components. These patch cords facilitate easy and quick connections between devices such as power supplies, oscilloscopes, function generators, multimeters, and other testing equipment. Audio and Speaker Systems: 4mm single point banana patch cords are frequently used in audio systems, particularly for connecting speakers and amplifiers. They provide a reliable connection between audio devices, ensuring high-quality signal transmission.