2mm Single Point Patch Cord


Considerations for comfortability when using 2mm single point banana plug soldering-based patch cords include

  •  Type - 2mm Single Point 
  •  Length - 300 to 1500mm or on request
  •  Plug - ABS Plastic
  •  Pin - Nickel Plated 
  •  Spring Loaded Brass 
  •  Current - 5Amps Max. 
  •  Flexible and Rewireable


A 2mm single point banana patch cord is an electrical cable with banana plugs at both ends, specifically designed for low-voltage applications where a reliable and secure connection is required. It is commonly used in laboratory setups, electronic testing, and other similar applications. Here is a description of a typical 2mm single point banana patch cord: Cable Construction: The patch cord consists of a flexible, insulated cable with conductive cores inside. The conductors are typically made of copper or another highly conductive material to ensure efficient signal or power transmission.Electronic Circuits: These patch cords are commonly used in electronic circuits for creating temporary connections between components, test points, or breadboards. They allow for easy and reliable interconnections during circuit prototyping, testing, and experimentation.

  • Laboratory Setups: In laboratory environments, these patch cords are used to connect instruments, such as oscilloscopes, signal generators, or power supplies, to test points or circuits. They provide a flexible and interchangeable solution for signal routing and measurements.
  • Educational Settings: These patch cords are often used in educational laboratories or classrooms to teach electronic circuits and principles. They allow students to easily connect and disconnect components, promoting hands-on learning and circuit exploration.