2mm Double Point Plug


  • Size: The individual banana plugs on a double banana plug are typically 2mm in diameter, matching the standard size for banana plugs.
  • Material: Double banana plugs are commonly made of metal, such as brass or nickel-plated brass, for good conductivity and durability.
  • Connector Type: Each end of the double banana plug consists of a single, solid metal pin that inserts into compatible banana jacks or sockets.
  • Cable Length: The flexible wire or cable connecting the two banana plugs can vary in length, depending on the specific product.


A banana connector basically consists of a Banana Plug (male connector) and Banana Socket (female connector). It is basically a single wire connector basically used for joining wires in equipment. It is widely used in school and college kits. It is also used widely used in testing equipment.

Banana plugs offer solid connection and convenience. This 2MM Banana Plug / Charge Plug is High-quality cage spring plugs. The plug body accepts cables up to 2mm diameter.The plug has one or more lengthwise springs that bulge outwards slightly. It presses against the sides of the socket, improving the electrical contact and preventing the pin from falling out.

When trying to wire speaker cables into the back of a reciever in a cabinet or other tight space, banana plugs offer the convenience of connecting the bare wire out in the open and simply plugging them in the appropriate post.